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Protect Your Home and Family With Environmentally Responsible Pest Management

Do you have a pest problem but are concerned about having harmful pesticides around your home? Fortunately, today’s insecticides are a far cry from earlier products.

Pyrethroids are modelled on natural plant extracts.  They are very efficient and are much more user friendly.

These days you can feel confident that not only can your professional pest control operator give you freedom from nasty and dangerous pests but also offer high levels of protection for your family, home and our environment.

Found Termites

If you suspect that you may have found evidence of termites on your
property consider this:

  • Some termite treatments and procedures require active or live
    termites to work with.

  • From experience, the first reaction, when confronted with termites
    is to reach for a can of fly spray and kill everything in sight.

  • This will kill the termites you can see but may send others in a
    different direction.

Try not to panic. Cover any exposed termite workings with tape and
contact Purple Pest Control immediately for expert advice you can trust.