Paper Wasps

Paper Wasp
Paper Wasp
(Polistes humilis)

Paper wasps are generally slender with long thin wings. They are 10-15 millimetres long, tan in colour with darker bands and some yellow on the face. Other species of paper wasps are larger or smaller and differently coloured.

Paper wasps make nests of grey papery wood fibre material, the nests are cone-shaped, becoming round as more cells are added. Nests are a maximum diameter of 10-12 centimetres, with numerous hexagonal cells underneath, some with white caps.

Nests are exposed and suspended by a short stalk under an overhang, often on a pergola, the eaves of a roof or in a shrub or tree. Wasps cluster on the nest or forage in the garden and around buildings.

Paper wasps will often attack if they are disturbed or feel threatened. In the event of a sting apply a cold pack. Seek medical attention if the victim is known to be allergic or if symptoms become more severe.


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