Conrad Howard
Conrad Howard

If you think you have found active termites on your property - do nothing.

Many termite treatments and procedures require active termites to work with.

From experience, the first thing people do when confronted with active termites is to grab a can of fly spray and kill everything in sight.

This will kill the Termites you can see and send others in a different direction.

Try not to panic - cover up any exposed termite workings with sticky tape and contact Purple Pest Control

Keep a look out for our famous number plate! KIL-14U
Keep a look out for our famous number plate! 


Purple Pest Control is an independent business, owned and operated by Conrad Howard. Conrad has been involved in pest control for over 20 years and in that time has accumulated a vast knowledge of all facets of this important service industry. Indeed, he is regularly called upon by other pest control businesses to deal with difficult or unusual pest problems.

Conrad trained and worked with an International Pest Control Company for 5 years prior to launching his own successful small business, rapidly gaining a reputation for quality work and top shelf service. With Purple Pest Control, he has raised the standards to a new level with the emphasis on premium service.

It is vitally important, when allowing a technician or service person into your home that you feel totally comfortable with that person. Conrad has many long term clients for that very reason.

WARNING: Always Use a Licensed and Insured Pest Professional

Be wary of businesses claiming to use products that are described as "Environmentally Friendly" as all Pesticides, Rodenticides and Termiticides are dangerous to fish and other aquatic organisms

Purple Pest Control prefer the term "Environmentally Responsible" - using the appropriate treatment in the appropriate place in a careful and responsible manner.

Conrad Howard is fully licensed, insured and accredited to perform all general pest control work, termite treatments, timber inspections and visual termite inspections. If you have any questions or require further information in this regard please do not hesitate to contact Conrad.

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